Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Purple and Red - A Powerful Combination

Creations have been on the back burner for the past week!  The weather has been unbelievable, sunny, warm, no wind.  This is all very amazing for this time of the year.  Now you may think that I have been out enjoying all of this beauty, leaving my work behind for a few days, sadly no. 
We have had a pesky flu bug come in and sail through almost everyone in our house!  Slowly we are all finding our way back to normal with the help from chicken soup and lots of sleep! 

Here is a new creation I want to share with you!  

The purple in this round  stoneware mandela represents Inspiration, Imagination, Individuality, and Spirituality.  The deep red color represents passion and energy. 

Add some purple to your life when you want:
    ~to use your imagination to its fullest
    ~to re-balance your life
          ~to remove obstacles

          ~to calm overactivity or to energize from depression

Add some red to your life when you want:

          ~increased enthusiasm and interest

          ~more energy

          ~action and confidence to go after your dreams

          ~protection from fears and anxieties

Combine your purple with red to empower yourself, giving yourself confidence in your creativity, imagination, and individuality,  and a strong will to persist and succeed.

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