Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I love the time of year that we leave our work behind and relax at the lake! 

Here are a few things we found along our way!

 This is Henri~ She only has a short time left with us
so we were sure to bring her along! 

 Thunder is our 4 year old Saint Bernard
She large, lazy, drools and is super lovable!

We Shared Canada Day with family and friends in the heat of the summer at the lake!

A Daisy

My son fishing in style!

Camping is not complete without a canoe trip
across the lake or for a week or two
we love our canoe!

During our paddle we came across this old geezer and woke him up!  Oops!

One of my luxuries along the way.....I brought along my shampoo/conditioner/soap/ and lotion
from Ana!

I will not lie, the bugs were bad!  Poor Henri!

Our view from our Morning Coffee spot!  What a great view! 

My Daughter relaxing on the dock by the lake.

Back to work!

Here are some pendants recently listed in my shop!


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  1. Very beautiful pictures! I'm a new follower from Cake's Crazy team on Etsy.