Friday, February 08, 2013

Throwing Pots!

Have you had Carpal Tunnel?  After years of tingly fingers and a sleeping arm,  last year I had surgery on my left hand.  Not fully understanding how I would be put out of commission, it has been not quite a year that I have felt comfortable throwing on my wheel again.  It has felt great and I am pleased to be playing on my wheel once again!

Mugs and bowls are on my February to do list as well as the regular buttons, pendants, gift tags and smaller creations I have been working on. 
This plainsman M340 clay is a mid temperature clay, a very popular soft, smooth, buff burning clay.  M340 is mined from the "extensive white mud formation of southern Saskatchewan, Canada." and uses a  different selection of glazes  than I have been using  for the past 6 months. I am super excited to mix up some new glaze! 
I am working on a batch of buttons and some pendants with this same clay and will fire as soon as my mugs all have handles! 
These little earrings are available in my shop! 

....rustic, with a handmade touch!

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